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How to decide between multiple job offers

Lucky you! Being offered multiple job offers! This sounds like every job seeker’s dream- not only are you offered one job but offered multiple jobs at the same time! But this dream can be nightmare if you cannot decide on which job to take up. Mental paralysis may set in. It is like going to a superb restaurant and ordering your dish from the multitudinous fare in the menu and when the dish finally arrives you look longingly at the dish in front of the gentleman in the next table and ask yourself “Why didn’t I order that! Have you missed out on something better? Was your choice wrong? All these doubts creep into your mind.

In such cases you need to do some homework. The following points will help you to zero-in on the final choice of the job offer:

  1. Evaluate what is most important to you. Money? Short working hours? Proximity to place of work? Quick rise up the ladder?
  2. Thoroughly investigate the whole package: You need to have full knowledge of your complete employment package. Benefits, vacation time, sick leave/health insurance, education re-imbursements, leave travel concessions, vehicles or vehicle allowance etc.
  3. Make sure you understand the job itself well. Get to know the company’s working ethos and policy especially its culture and whether it is family-friendly etc..Pally up with an insider and get to know more about the company and evaluate whether it suits your temperament.
  4. Listen to your family members: Use your wife (or brother or parents) as a sounding board and explain to them your dilemma and what you are getting into. They can clear your mind and strengthen your gut feeling about the job offer you finally decide.
  5. Go after what you want: The mantra is that the final decision of the job should be “perfect except for......”.If the “except for” list is less, then it could be a good choice.
  6. Keep a solid relationship with the companies that you have turned down. Here you need to read about the article on “How to decline a job offer

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