Is it safe to pay over your site?

Safe and secure transactions are very important for us. We do not save customer financial information. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology which ensures that all transactions are secure.

How can I pay and subscribe to the services offered by Career Cubicle?

Payments are accepted using a safe and secure payment gateway in our site.

What are your delivery schedules for the services offered?

Delivery schedules are listed against each service. For calculating "Business Days" delivery, the day we receive complete information and the day our service is delivered are excluded. All Saturdays and Sundays are also excluded for the calculation of working days. For example, if a résumé is ordered on Monday (complete information available with us) , the new résumé would be made available on Friday the same week or earlier under express delivery and Thursday of the following week for regular service.

What is the success rate for getting a job if I avail of your services?

Using our services is expected to improve the chances of securing a job though we do not claim that success is guaranteed. Getting a job depends on a number of factors, of which having an effective résumé is one.

How do you develop my résumé?

Our résumé service team brings out the important parameters that recruiters/ employees look for and present it succinctly. After all, recruiters have only a few seconds to decide whether they would like to interview a candidate. Each CV is reviewed by our panel which consists of 100 years of collective senior level industry experience to make sure that you have a winning résumé.

Can I view samples?

Yes you can view samples
Please click here to see samples

How do I know the status of the service I have ordered? What if I am not satisfied?

Once payment is made, as E-mail giving your order number would be sent to you. Every effort is made to ensure that an effective CV is delivered, based on the information provided to us. In case of any queries please write to us at along with your order number.

Could multiple versions of the résumé be provided targeting different positions?

Every résumé prepared targets a specific position / career objective. This helps us in positioning you appropriately. We generally use a format that is widely accepted in North America, Asia and Middle East. On preparing additional résumés that target multiple positions, we provide a 50% discount for every additional résumé.

Do you prepare résumés targeting a career change?

We have extensive experience in preparing résumés for career change.

Would the résumé be prepared chronologically or would it be skills focused/functional résumé?

It depends on what makes sense – unless you tell us upfront that you need it by chronology or functional expertise. Our team will otherwise use its judgment to decide. We regret that requests for change in format once the reworked resume is sent will not be entertained.

How many pages should a résumé have?

Our opinion is that a 2 to 3 page résumé would be most appropriate and convenient for recruiters. The number of pages will depend on the profile of the person. We focus on doing what is right and what would likely work best for the customer - unless there is a particular requirement that is mandated.

How can you make skills appear more relevant to different employers? How do you deal with this?

We provide a résumé that provides an excellent representation of what a person brings to the table. We recommend tweaking depending on the position / job description.

How many versions would you create?

We provide one version. Additional versions can be provided at an additional cost of 50% for every new profile.

Can you provide some samples of résumés written by your writers?

Why should I order my résumé from you?

Some of our unique differentiators.
  • All résumés are prepared in-house by full time résumé writers.
  • All our résumé writers are experienced professionals with several years of experience in leading organizations.
  • Every résumés is checked for quality and reviewed by a panel of members with senior management experience.
  • Each résumé is handcrafted and tailored. We DO NOT use any software.

I had got my résumé prepared by your competitor. Unfortunately they sent me a résumé with just minor changes. How will you present me in the best light?

We believe that a résumé is a reflection of what a person brings to the table for any employer. We make sure that the essence of what you represent including your competencies and skills, accomplishments, span of experience and other information is brought out succinctly. We take a holistic view of your strengths and competencies and marry them with what employers expect.


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Mohammed - Middle East

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Philippe - Middle East

"I appreciate your effort from the bottom of my heart. I got satisfaction from your work."
Yashimoto - Japan

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