Solutions for Recruitment Consultancies

Yes! Features such as world class enterprise search, integration with your social network and a very intuitive job posting facility offered by large job boards are now available to you on your website for a fraction of the cost of developing them yourself. Build and leverage your own database. Access and search for suitable candidates. Grow without investing anything in capital expense.

Solutions for Corporates

You have a wonderful website. Is the career section of your website powerful enough? Our world class mini job board solutions allows job seekers to seamlessly apply to the jobs that you have on offer and allows you to use the very powerful enterprise search feature to search and match candidates with your requirements. You get all this at a fraction of the cost of development or using any of the expensive software available in the market.

Complete Job Board Solutions

Setting up an end-to-end world class job board has become now easy. You may be a media house or a trade association or simply an entrepreneur wanting to start a job board - either generic or niche.

We can get you started in a few days with our world class cloud based job solution. Your website will be absolutely customized to meet your requirements with all our powerful features packaged into it. What more? You no longer need to invest in expensive hardware or software to manage the entire job board.

We create customized solutions for our clients. Our experienced team will design a solution which will be optimized for your market. We will create the user interface and implement, host & manage your job board. We invest continually in research and development. Your job board will benefit from our investment in technology as well.

World Class Enterprise Search

Matching the job with the candidate is the most critical component of any job board. If your software does not do a good job at matching or searching it means a huge loss of productivity. We believe that we have one of the most powerful enterprise search feature available in the industry.

  • Powerful Optimized Index which can search thousands of records every second
  • Ranking and boosting based on prioritization
  • Smarter information retrieval
  • Not a database driven look up
  • Capabilities of our Search Engine
    • Autosuggest
    • Spell-check
    • Stemming
    • Synonyms
    • Navigators
    • Multi-check Navigators
    • Boolean
    • Friendly bread crumbs
    • Sub second retrieval
    • Highlighting
    • Phonetics
    • Sorting

Integration with Social Media

  • User can log-in using their Facebook or Linked-in credentials
  • Jobs can be easily shared in various Social Media sites (340+)
  • Leverage your existing social set-up: Our social feature allows your jobs to automatically appear in your recruiter’s social network. You can effectively source candidates from Linked-in, Facebook and Twitter


Whether you are a start-up or an established player, you do not have to worry about scaling up. Our unique search feature works extremely well irrespective of whether we have a few hundred CV’s or a million. Since the entire set-up is hosted on the cloud, it is reliable and scalable as well.

Migration Support

We help you migrate your CV’s to your own database on the cloud. You do not have to invest heavily in hardware or software. If you have Cv’s and they are not organized in a database or are in an excel spreadsheet / access database, we will help organize them in a searchable database.

Very Competitive Pricing

Since our product is a ‘software as a service’ product, our costs are very competitive. You pay only for what you use. Costs comprise of the following:

  • Design & Onetime set up cost
  • Annual License Fee
  • Cloud hosting charges depending on the number of CV’s in your database
  • Extras: Applicable for certain features like jobs by E-mail, sending E-mails to job seekers , more than 10 sub-users and certain other enhancements

Mail Plug-ins

Imagine receiving responses to your posting in job boards. Every posting results in a significant number of relevant and irrelevant resumes hitting your mail box. Our mail server integration feature /outlook plug-in helps you move these resumes directly to your searchable database. You do not have to open each response and determine suitability. Our search will take care of that, saving enormous time and boosting productivity.


One size obviously does not fit all. We passionately believe that the core of any website is the quality of user experience that it provides. Our designs are customized to meet your requirements, meet all global standards and are search engine friendly. Different customers have different needs and business models. We can customize your requirements and set up the solution which will provide the ideal fit with your business model. Our designs are meant to convert casual visitors into loyal & serious users. Our designers will integrate our technology to your approved design. Our designers can also help with logo creation and brand building. Dynamic features like candidate registration, vacancy postings, CV parsing, recruiter access, admin / sub user features, integration with Social Media and matching technology among others at a fraction of the cost you will otherwise spent for a bespoke development.

Services we offer

End-to-end ownership when you choose our Job Board Solutions
Pick and choose from the menu of options below

  • Logo Design
  • Content Writing
  • Jobs by Email / Job Alerts
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Career Services - Resume Writing
    We also offer world class résumé writing services for our partners (English Languages). As a recruitment consultancy, it will be beneficial for you to offer this service on your website. We will take responsibility for servicing your customers and deliver to them a world class resume. You stand to gain too monetarily for every paying customer who uses our service through your site
  • Social Media
  • Web Design / User Interface
  • Migration Support
  • Mail Server Plug-in
  • Outlook Plug-in
  • HTML Mailers
  • Banner Ads / Branding
  • Customized Search
  • Cloud Hosting

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

We will work with you to determine how we can meet both your as well as your customer’s needs. You get a fully functioning website with features as you like. You take ownership of your site without incurring any development costs. The look and feel of your site is entirely under your control.

More about branding and content control…

  • You determine the logo/branding and name of your site
  • All E-mail correspondence relating to your site such as registration confirmations, job alerts etc will all include your site's name
  • You can choose to include some or all the content/features available in Careercubicle or can choose to create something entirely new for your site
  • Powered by Careercubicle will appear unobtrusively in your website

Who owns the candidate database?

  • All entirely yours. You own your database
  • Operate without any fear
  • Candidates keep their trust

Who owns the jobs database?

  • All entirely yours. You own the job database
  • You may or may not choose to indicate the names of your clients

Who owns the code?

  • Code is entirely owned by Careercubicle
  • All features are available to you as long as you are part of the affiliate network

How can I exit your cloud?

  • We see no reason why you would ever want to exit this option
  • You can do so easily by giving us a notice of termination
  • We can terminate in case of misuse, non-payment of dues and for breach of contract

How SEO friendly is your software?

  • Clean URLs
  • Keyword rich URLs
  • Sitemap submission
  • SE friendly client side rendering
  • Metadata

How is cloud hosting beneficial?

  • High Availability
  • Painless Scaling
  • Reduced Cost
  • Excellent Infrastructure

How safe is your data?

  • Ringfencing using Site IDs
  • Reliable Cloud Hosting

How can I migrate my CV’s?

  • Easy to use data migration utility
  • Resume Parsing
  • Support during migration activity
  • Mailbox integration
  • Outlook
  • Server
  • Resumes sent by job seekers through E-mail can be easily moved to your database and be made searchable

How can we get started?

  • Process from commitment to go live can be completed in 5 working days
  • You determine how you want your site to look and operate
  • You determine the features that you want in your site
  • We work with you and your technical team to design the look of your site
  • Your representatives are trained to administer the site after it goes live
  • We will update you continuously on any enhancements - We invest substantial sums of money in
    continuously enhancing the site

More about ownership….

You Careercubicle
Domain Name
Content On Site
Site Profitability
Job Database
Candidate Database
Site Branding
Site Marketing
Career Services/Cubicle Features

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