• A professionally written résumé and Cover letter
  • Team headed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Review by panel comprising senior professionals from the industry
  • Regular and Express options
  • Receive personal attention
  • Who is writing your Resume?

Our experience over the last few years has shown that employers and recruiters spend less than a minute reviewing a résumé.

With more candidates applying for each job, your résumé has to be among the best to be shortlisted. Let us help you prepare a great résumé. Thousands of job seekers have trusted us and found success.

Our industry experts will ensure that your résumé creates the maximum impact when reviewed by prospective employers.

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Why is an effective résumé important?

A résumé (used synonymously with CV or Biodata) is your personal marketing document. Recruiters rarely have more than a few minutes to review a résumé. Not getting shortlisted because of a poorly written résumé means that you might not even be called for the interview even if you are otherwise the most eligible candidate.

How are we different?

Your Résumé will be written by our team of Professional Résumé Writers. All of them are well qualified and have many years of corporate experience. This ensures that all the competencies and achievements are captured correctly and in line with what line managers expect. A combination of the HR coupled with real industry perspective ensures that you have a world class winning résumé.

"You’re professional. Thank you so much, and frankly you’are the best"
Mohammed - Middle East

"The result is excellent, I will advise one of my colleague to contact you for his resume"
Philippe - Middle East

"I appreciate your effort from the bottom of my heart. I got satisfaction from your work."
Yashimoto - Japan

"Thank you very much. It's awesome."
Ravishankar - India

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