Why Career Cubicle?

Your career is a marathon rather than a sprint. The career journey takes a number of years. Over a period of 30-35 years you acquire new skills, earn new degrees & recognition, change jobs, get promoted, trained and paid more.

Why the name?

We found that professionals currently do not have any place where they can track their professional career and use it to look back at the past, learn from it and plan the future. Planning one’s career is much more than hunting for a job. We created this platform to help professionals manage their career. We spend close to a third of our working lives sitting in the office in our own work area or cubicle. Careercubicle is your own online private space. When you change companies, jobs or relocate or get promoted you would move to a new work station. Your cubicle at work may be temporary, but your online cubicle here is permanent. Nobody can take it away from you. It is your own, personal, permanent cubicle !

Our Credo sums it up best :

"March Ahead" - Your Careercubicle helps you to move ahead in your career !

"You’re professional. Thank you so much, and frankly you’are the best"
Mohammed - Middle East

"The result is excellent, I will advise one of my colleague to contact you for his resume"
Philippe - Middle East

"I appreciate your effort from the bottom of my heart. I got satisfaction from your work."
Yashimoto - Japan

"Thank you very much. It's awesome."
Ravishankar - India

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